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                 Personal Power Retreat at The Penny House Inn

                    Developing Healthy Personal Power,  with Dr. Craig Piso of Piso and Associates.

February 28 - March 2, 2013




Do you find your life to be filled with problems and overwhelming challenges…stressful and exhausting?  Or is your life ripe with opportunities and rich in abundance?  Hard as it might seem to believe, the primary difference in these 2 perspectives is a matter of personal power—the core emotional strength and mindset that enable any of us to become strong and resilient in the face of even the most difficult life and work-related circumstances. $289.00 (2 nights stay, double occupancy in a classic room with 2 full breakfasts and 1 lunch). 



                                    MIND, BODY CONNECTION SERIES:

 PART 1- SOUL ANALYSIS: A Weekend of Self Discovery 


Knowing Ourselves at the Deepest Level A Weekend Health Retreat built around the work of Soul Analysis by Metaphysician/Medical Intuitive: Gillian Drake with special guest speaker, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Michelle Magid. 

Soul Analysis Workshop Informative Brochure


                                            PART 2 - IRIDOLOGY AND WINTER CLEANSING: The Eyes have it !                                                                            

If you've ever wondered whether you can tell what's wrong with someone just by looking into their eyes, iridology may be the alternative medicine for you.

Iridology and Cleansing Brochure


         PART 3 -  THE 'SCENTS' OF HEALING: A Holistic Aromatherapy Retreat  


Join Aza Zzonchui M. Ed. for an informative weekend of discovery into the world of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. Aza teaches how to integrate Essential oils and Aromatherapy into your daily life and personal wellness practice. Please see our brochure below to learn more about this wonderful workshop that is part of a series of Mind, Body Connection workshops at The Penny House Inn.  

Scents of Healing Aromatherapy Brochure and Details


Reiki Attunement and Other Ways To Access and Use Our Energy
We are all born with the innate ability to heal ourselves at some level. Yes, WE ARE!  Our Reiki Workshops will help you to access the energy around and within you.

Reiki is a power of its own that has its beginning in Japan.  As with all Energy, it is Universal and practiced in many ways by many cultures.  Some cultures have assigned powerful positions to who can have access to this Energy.  Reiki hastens spiritual growth and enrichment, while remaining outside the definition of being ‘religious’.

Reiki Master Level I   (1 1/2 days)
In this 12 hour  training you will learn about  Reiki and what it is that it will do for YOU.  Reiki I is the beginning place for learning how to contact, turn on, and bring the energy to you.  In this class,i we start in the evening to introduce Reiki's origns and make the connect to Universal Life Forces.  After a comforting night of sleep, we regoup  and you will learn and practice the procedure and the hand placements that balance all that is unbalanced in YOUR body.  The course is hands on and you will give and receive several sessions during the time we are together. You will be attuned at the end of the 2nd day to practice Reiki on yourself and immediate family. A 2 hour lunch break and hourly breaks help make this a time to ask questions, meet others in the class and remain relaxed.

Reki Techniques Class at Penny House Inn and Day SpaReiki Master Level II  (2 days)
We begin this training in the evening with an introduction to the symbols of activation that are used in Rei-Kei.  After you've had a good night of sleep with these symbols dancing in your head, the next is a full day day of min-lectures, practicing and sharing about Reiki that will teach you the symbols that are used to increase the activation of Rei- Kei.  We will continue practice making the symbols, and learn ways to remember and make the symbols while you are providing a session, as well as give and receive from your classmates throughout the days.  A  long lunch, frequent breaks and a trip to the beach to walk in solitude, practice Reiki in nature, and reinforce your skills along side the Atlantic Ocean. Attunement concludes the 2nd day and you will be ready to give Reiki to others who are not your immediate family members.

Reiki Master Level III   (2 days)
Now you know you have Reiki!  What else can you do with it?  At Master Level III it is time to know other ways to use Reiki to help yourself, your family, your community, and the world.  Sounds like a tall order, but this is possible once you understand and learn to use your Rei-Kei  to give balance to the elements on earth, and align yourself with all living beings and entities.  We will explore some cultural rituals and practices in our discussions and mini lectures and continue our discussion on symbols and symbolisms.  We will create our own ritual to take with us and use.  The day ends with your Attunement and you are ready to enter the world of LightWorkers.

Reiki Master Level  IV  (2 1/2 days)

In this class we will look at ways to increase our individual access to Universal Life Energy through crystals, color, the elements, chants, song, singing, aroma, sound, meditation, cleansing, food, and more.  Expert guest presenters  will guide us through the days and evenings of learning.  Long lunches, fireside meditations, frequent breaks, time for the beach are, even more so, on the agenda at this level of receiving and giving. This Attunement opens the door very wide for Masters to teach others about Reiki and give attunements.

Couples Massage Techniques Class Workshop at Penny House Inn and Day SpaMassage Techniques for Couples  (3 hrs)

How many times have you asked your husband to rub your feet, or your wife to massage your sore back, and heard “I don’t know how to do that?” Or worse yet, have you asked and gotten a two minute rub that barely scratched the surface of what you wanted? Well, don’t fight about it anymore!!  Make this investment in your relationship and your health. 

You can learn the massage techniques that our professional massage therapists would use in our Maris Day Spa Massage Techniques for Couples.  Yes, we are risking losing you as a Spa Client in the future, but what can we say?  We think it is better for couples to share these skills with each other than for either of them to go without receiving massages.

Join us in the Spa for three hours of learning how to massage your partner.  You and your partner will be shown the body mechanics to avoid injuring yourself while giving a massage, identify where it hurts on your own body, and learn specific massage modalities for those areas. You'll also learn about massage lotions, creams, oils and gels, and then give and receive a full body massage in the privacy of your room at the Inn or in Maris Day Spa.

Upon completion couples will be able to give a full body massage to their spouses, and know where and what to purchase for personal home massage use. All supplies provided. Price includes 2 night stay double occupancy.

About the Teacher
Janis Sommers, LMT,  is a Reiki Master Level IV and student and teacher of Vibrational Healing since 1984.  She has studied in Florida, New York and Maine with psychic, KaiMora and has activated her natural healing skills to improve the health of and hundreds of others, including herself.  Janis is a relaxed and warm teacher who shares liberally with students and clients to spread the word of Universal Energy and Self healing.  A licensed massage therapist, colon hydrotherapist, and vegan dietitian, Janis currently has her practice at Maris Day Spa, Eastham, MA.  She can be reached at

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